Why should I join FIT4MOM Downingtown?

FIT4MOM Downingtown offers challenging and fun exercise programs that you can enjoy while spending time with your little one! By watching you incorporate regular exercise into your day-to-day routine, your child learns the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. It's a great feeling when your child looks to you as a positive role model!

We provide a fun-filled, friendly, judgement-free environment for all moms of all fitness levels at every stage of motherhood! In addition to our fitness classes FIT4MOM Downingtown also offers our moms a FREE meet-up group called "Our Village". Moms can connect and build friendships with other moms through weekly play groups, activities, monthly Moms Nights Out, and community events.

Do I need to be in great shape in order to take a class?

We have moms of all fitness levels and body types in our programs. Classes are designed for ALL fitness levels and are taught by certified instructors who are also moms. These classes are no walk in the park! In one hour you will get a total body workout that will leave you feeling energized and fit! Don't be surprised if the words "burpee" and "plank" become part of your daily vocabulary! We encourage you to listen to your body and exercise at a pace that leaves you feeling challenged yet energized. Our ultimate goal is to help you improve your physical strength and cardiovascular endurance in order to give you the strength for motherhood!

What is your indoor/outdoor season?

We use our indoor locations November through March. We try to be outside as long as it is safe for the children. Please dress them and yourselves appropriately for the weather.

I work full-time. Are there any options for working moms?

Yes! We currently offer Saturday classes every week at 9:30am. Most of our working moms either purchase a 10-Class Pass or a Working Mom's Membership. Please check the Class Schedule for updated information about our classes.

Does my child have to remain in the stroller throughout class?

We understand that sometimes the children can't wait to get out of the stroller. Their safety is one of our biggest concerns, therefore all children must remain secure in the stroller throughout the duration of the class. Feel free to step away from the group if you need to nurse or comfort your child. You may also bring a baby carrier. For safety reasons we ask that you keep your children in the stroller or carrier till the stretching/cool-down portion of our workout is complete. After that they may run around, explore, and socialize with other children.

How do I keep my child entertained in the stroller?

We try to engage the child as much as possible during our workout through songs, games, stories and movement. Bringing their favorite toys and/or snacks is also a good way to keep them entertained too!

What if my child cries or gets fussy?

Join the club! All the babies and toddlers will cry, fuss or be upset at some point. We've all been there! Your child's happiness and safety and your enjoyment of the workout is our top priority. We will stop at regular intervals for strengthening/toning exercises where you can always step away to soothe or nurse your child and catch up with us if you fall behind. In addition, instructors will do their best to step in and entertain children while class continues. Our instructors do their very best to make class enjoyable for you AND your baby!

Keep in mind that FIT4MOM is a safe community of moms who are here to support each other!

What should I bring to class?

a sturdy stroller

plenty of water

yoga mat or blanket

toys and/or snacks for your baby/child

carrier(e.g. Ergo, Bjorn, etc.) if you wish to wear your baby during class

What do I need to do before I attend class?

Please create an account on our website and enroll in the class you are planning on attending. Be sure to sign the online waiver. It is also helpful to arrive at least 5 minutes early if it is your first class.

We ask that you pre-enroll prior to each class you plan to attend and your instructor will check you in when you arrive. Enrolling for classes will keep you notified in case of change of location or class cancellation, due to extreme weather conditions. You can always un-enroll yourself if something comes up.

Do I need a jogging stroller?

No, any sturdy stroller will do. Jogging and running are optional during class. You want a stroller that is not prone to tipping so that your child is comfortable and secure throughout the class. Umbrella strollers are not recommended.

When can I begin FIT4MOM classes?

We would love to have you at our Stroller Strides classes as soon as you have had your 6 week postpartum checkup and have received your physician's approval!

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