Meet a Mama Monday - Caitlin McFadden

Welcome back to the Meet a Mama Monday series! On periodic Mondays we’ll introduce you to a mama from our village. This week we’re featuring another long time member, Caitlin McFadden.

Meet Caitlin! Caitlin is mama to two sweet kids, nearly 3 year old Will and 2 month old Nora. In her three years as a mom she has brought two kids into this world while maintaining her position as a Reading Specialist at a West Chester high school.

Caitlin grew up in the town of Bernville, PA. You may have heard of this town as it is the home of the world famous Koziers Christmas Village. She moved to this area for graduate school at West Chester University and stayed in the area when she accepted a Reading Specialist position after graduation.

When her son was just two months old Caitlin found FIT4MOM Downingtown. She was looking for community and needed mom friends who weren’t hours or states away. A friend from high school had moved to Salt Lake City and started a family, and she frequently posted about FIT4MOM and how it was the best decision she ever made was to join. Before she became a mom Caitlin didn’t pay much mind to it but, once her son was in the picture, she took a second look. She watched a few videos and what stuck with her was the importance of community, “come for the work out, stay for the community”. She needed community, wasn’t from the area, and her girlfriends were all over the East Coast. Three years later she continues to stay for the community, friendship, and support, and the workouts are pretty good too.

Make sure to say hi to Caitlin next time you see her in class!

What’s your favorite thing about being a mom?

Watching my children learn and grow.

What's the hardest thing for you about being a mom?

Balancing it all.

What advice do you have for new moms?

When your in the thick of motherhood and it seems like teething or potty training will never end, know that everything is a phase and this too shall pass.

What’s your best mom hack?

A bath can cure anything. Fussy baby, cranky toddler, tired mama, a bath works wonders.